There is no end to the injustice, inequality, and discrimination that women from all over the world face every day. Even with innovation and advancement took to such great heights, this has remained an issue that has not been resolved. Women are constantly being violated of their rights and left to face decimation. For the benefit and greater good of the world, this has to end. And it has to end now. Teaching children while they are young can help fight off this evil. Gender equality has to be a top priority.

Why is gender equality important?

This article will discuss the top reasons why gender equality is a must and should be made a top priority,

It helps to save lives.

Women from all over the world face life-threatening risks that lead to death. Gender equality is to blame. It is important to treat them better. They should be considered as humans with thoughts and a mind instead of mere objects. It is better to start this process young. When rights are given, their life betters without the constant fear of death.

It leads to better healthcare.

Women generally receive bad medical care and protection than men. Many reasons account for this, the top being the absence of education and lower-income. It has been seen that diseases that affect women are not as studied in detail as those that affect men. When women are equal, their health is impacted positively.

It can provide peace and prosperity everywhere.

Studies confirm the fact that gender equality is directly linked to peace. The countries with worse discrimination are the most corrupt and chaotic. The states with equality of gender are less inclined to wars and battles. And when a country addresses major areas of inequality, it fosters peace and harmony.


Women are just as apt as men in every walk of life. Their protection and basic rights are fundamentals to a healthy society. Therefore, reforms are required to aid them in every possible way to a better future.